We at PIMPOS HEALTH DESENVOLVIMENTO DE SOFTWARES LTDA ("Pimpos", "Pimpos Health" or "we"), CNPJ: 38.080.253 / 0001-95, are committed to safeguarding your privacy. The purpose of this document is to clarify what information is collected from users of our sites ,, our Pimpos App - and respective services - (“You”) and from which how that data is manipulated and used.

To offer our services, Pimpos, through its website and application, the equipment where it is installed or being used and the devices synchronized with it, collects various data and information, aiming, above all, to provide an increasingly better experience for you. Pimpos recognizes that your privacy is very important, so we take all possible measures to protect it. Accordingly, this Privacy Policy ("Policy") aims to inform you how your information and data will be collected, used, shared and stored through our websites and respective services.

This document is an integral part of our Terms of Use , which contains an overview of our platform.

This document was written in a simple and accessible way, precisely so that you can read and understand the way we use your data to offer you a safe and comfortable experience when using the services we offer you.

If you do not agree with this Policy, please do not continue your registration procedure and do not use our services. However, please let us know your disagreement so that we can improve it.

The acceptance of our Policy will be made when you register on our website, platform or application to enjoy our services, even if for free. This will indicate that you are aware of and in full agreement with how we will use your information and data.

Any questions regarding our privacy policy can be clarified by contacting us.

Send an email to .

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“Personal Information”, for the purposes of this Privacy Policy, are those that identify the people to whom they belong, such as all the information necessary for registration. When visiting the application and hiring our services, as well as when using Pimpos services, the USER may provide his personal data.

Pimpos will only collect Personal Information if it is provided voluntarily by visitors and USERS. When the USER provides Personal Information, he is authorizing us to use it in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy. All data will be available through the mobile application and on the website.

“Sensitive personal data”, in turn, are those that indicate information such as racial or ethnic origin, religious or philosophical beliefs, political opinions, union membership, genetic, biometric and health issues or about the USER's sexual life.

The collection of sensitive personal data can occur, being protected by the user's credentials, preventing others besides him from having access to the data. Through this Privacy Policy, the USER authorizes Pimpos operators to access some of this data in order to improve the user experience. The collection of sensitive data will occur in accordance with the General Data Protection Law, in which we encrypt the data with our own algorithm, with only the application capable of decrypting them.

The information collected by the application will have the purpose of contacting the user, for statistical purposes, device permissions for accessing personal data and push notifications.

Pimpos will collect data processed on our website and app, such as browser, mobile device used, pages visited, time of visit and where you clicked.

The application will allow partners and customers to communicate with the USER by disclosing benefits and information of public utility. However, there is no connection between our application and third parties with regard to advertising.

The USER may delete all data not required for registration and use through the application.

The USER is aware that the Pimpos application makes use of cookies to improve the navigation of its users through a personalized experience, being the responsibility of the USER to provide / block cookies.




Pimpos guarantees the security and privacy of identity to all its USERS, who are understood as any and all persons who use Pimpos services and systems, directly or indirectly.

Such data will only be used and disclosed for the provision of services linked to its corporate purpose. Pimpos guarantees the confidentiality of the customer's registration data.

The USER must not reveal information about his data to anyone, nor use data from another USER. The USER is fully responsible for all activities that occur in his access account and agrees to immediately notify Pimpos of any unauthorized use or any other breach of security.

Pimpos will not be responsible for any damage caused as a result of the unauthorized use of USER data.






Pimpos reserves the full right to suspend the USER plan and even refuse future registration if it suspects that the USER has used false information when registering or in case of inactivity in which the USER remains without a history of using the application for more than 6 months.

The registration in the application is personal and protected by a password created by the USER. It is your responsibility to create secure passwords and keep those passwords confidential to prevent any unauthorized access to your personal and non-personal information. The registration will only be effective upon the prior analysis and agreement by the USER of this privacy policy.

After the account is canceled, the data is deleted from the database, but the responsible USER is restricted to using the application. The USER is able to return to using the application whenever he wants, but his information is reset and a new registration is required.

Pimpos may refuse or prevent access by USERS who fail to comply with the conditions set out in this instrument.






The data will be stored on cloud services (AWS platform - Amazon Web Service), located in the USA. However, this data can sometimes be processed and / or stored temporarily in other regions of the planet.

In case of deletion of the account, all data reported will be deleted from the platform. Pimpos, in relation to sensitive data, stores them in accordance with the General Personal Data Protection Law (LGPD), Law No. 13.709 / 2018, through encryption with its own algorithm, and the breach of confidentiality of this information can be made only by the application itself, with the breaking of the link between the USER and the application, with only statistical and impersonal data being maintained.

The USER can have access to the data that the Pimpos application will show, and will have access to his data in full if he wants to export all the collected data related to him.





Pimpos is committed to:

  1. Do not disclose, without authorization, USERS 'data for purposes other than the performance of their services, except for the exceptions contained in this “Privacy Policy”;

  2. Adopt as a policy the commitment of not disclosing information about the accesses made by its USERS, unless it is obliged to do so by court order or in strict compliance with legal or contractual rules;

  3. Make use of technical resources in order to constantly improve its services and to adapt them more and more to the needs of USERS;

  4. Maintain the operating platform, guaranteeing the contracted services, both for the USER and for the affiliated health plans, so that there is always a team ready for 24-hour service.


Pimpos is not responsible for any flaws inherent in the USER's device or system that may hinder or prevent communication between the USER and the Pimpos application.

The USER undertakes to:

  1. comply with the rules of use, as described in more detail below and do not violate any safety component;

  2. do not attempt or assist third parties to circumvent, reverse engineer, disaggregate or, in any other way, interfere with any safety components regarding these usage rules, for any purpose;

  3. not making any attempt to access the third-party register, unless duly authorized;

  4. not modify the application in any way or form or use modified versions of Pimpos, for any purpose, including to obtain unauthorized access to the services offered by the websites and applications;

  5. keep personal and registration information always up to date;

  6. respond, civilly and criminally, for the veracity of the registration information.


The USER is already aware that the information made available through the application contains a security structure, using technology that protects digital information and limits the use of confidential information, subject to certain usage rules established by Pimpos and its representative. Pimpos warns that breaches of network or system security may result in civil and / or criminal liability. When proceeding with the download of the application and accessing the systems made available by Pimpos, the USER authorizes Pimpos and its partners to make telephone contact, and to forward promotional and institutional information materials through the email address provided in the registration.






PIMPOS is NOT allowed to DISCLOSE the USER's name as its client, even if in promotional or institutional material, such as journalistic reports and content in its application.

Similarly, the USER is NOT allowed to publicize the name of Pimpos, even if in promotional or institutional material, such as journalistic reports and content on its website / application.

It is forbidden to the USER, without previous and written authorization from Pimpos:

  1. Make the Pimpos platform, the object of this instrument, available to any third party, except in accordance with what is expressly provided for in this Privacy Policy;

  2. Use, sell, distribute, sublicense, rent, lease, loan, give, dispose of, assign or in any way transfer all or part of the health plan services covered by this Privacy Policy and / or any related rights, unless and in accordance with what is expressly provided for in this instrument;

  3. Copy, adapt, improve, alter, correct, translate, update, or develop new versions derived from the Pimpos platform, object of this Privacy Policy, or even of any of its parts and components except as expressly provided for in this Privacy Policy ;

  4. Remove copyright notices or any other proprietary notices contained in the application / website, tools of the object of this;

  5. Interfering or interrupting, as well as trying to interfere or interrupt, the regular functioning of Pimpos.

The copyright of all content available on Pimpos channels, including texts, pages, illustrations, graphics, reports, technical and material data, are protected by Law No. 9,610 / 1998.






For the realization of the registration, the USER must provide, mandatorily, the following data:

  1. Email;

  2. Name;

  3. Surname;

  4. Password.

Some information is not mandatory to register, however for a complete experience, using the full functionality of the application, they become mandatory.

To perform the registration of the child are necessary:

  1. Name;

  2. Surname;

  3. CPF;

  4. Date of birth;

  5. Sex

  6. Blood type.

The USER is already aware that he may provide other non-mandatory information, at times that certain features of the application itself require, even if the information filling step is carried out previously.






In order to access Pimpos services, USERS, duly registered, will have a personal password. When formulated by the USER, the password must remain confidential, and under no circumstances should it be shared with third parties. The storage of security keys is encrypted, thus preventing the action of any employee or bad person who may try to obstruct that data. Password registration requires a minimum of 6 (six) digits.

Pimpos is not responsible for the improper sharing of USER credentials.






Pimpos reserves the right, at any time and, from time to time, to update, revise, supplement or, in any other way, modify this “Privacy Policy” and impose new or additional rules, policies, terms or conditions on the use of services offered through the channels mentioned above, or interactions with the system owned by you. If this Privacy Policy is significantly altered, it will be informed to USERS by Pimpos through virtual notification, and if it is not adhered to by the USER, the USER must express his willingness to exclude from the Pimpos system through the Pimpos application.






This Privacy Policy applies to all services offered by Pimpos. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us via the following e-mails: or Pimpos social media.






After reading the terms of this term, the USER expressly acknowledges that he has read and understood his rights, obligations and conditions, and that by clicking on the button below, he grants Pimpos the rights established herein.

Updated on 2020-11-11