Through this electronic instrument, PIMPOS HEALTH, registered under CNPJ nº 38.080.253 / 0001-95, informs its GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE, as per this document. Your experience on our platform is very important and, therefore, we are committed to respecting and preserving it. For this reason, this Term of Use is intended to clarify conditions and responsibilities for the use of the PIMPOS platform. Therefore, we recommend that you read it carefully.

In the event of non-adherence to this document in whole or in part, the USER, characterized as the one who will use the PIMPOS platform as soon as the registration is successfully performed, it is recommended not to use the platform as its use will be expressed as express agreement with the provisions of this Term.


Clause 1: The general terms and conditions of use (hereinafter referred to simply as “Terms of Use”) set out below govern the relationship between PIMPOS, holder of intellectual property on software, website, applications, content and other related digital, tangible and intangible assets to the platform and the USERS of the offered service.

Clause 2: The Terms of Use, in addition to contractually regulating the relationship between the parties, also consist of a license to use the USER of the content provided by PIMPOS. For the use of such a tool, it is mandatory that the USER accepts these Terms of Use.

Clause 3: If the USER does not agree with any of the conditions described here, we advise not to use the PIMPOS platform, since its use will automatically be understood as irrevocable agreement with the Terms of Use.

Clause 4: The USER must always read the Terms of Use carefully and cannot be excused from it, alleging ignorance about its conditions, including regarding any modifications, when carried out in accordance with the provisions of Clause 22.



Clause 5: The object of this contract is the use of the digital child health management and monitoring platform, PIMPOS. This makes it possible to share the history of information between guardians, health specialists, companies and public or private entities working in the area, emphasizing the focus on preventive medicine and child health care.

Single paragraph. The purpose of the digital platform is to be a support and performance management tool in child health based on data, facilitating the control of information by USERS and health professionals. Under no circumstances will the platform carry out diagnostics and prescriptions for controlled medications and expressly recommends that appropriate health professionals for this situation be sought.


Clause 6: Access to the digital platform requires some information necessary for the registration of the USER, who in this case would be responsible, and the infant, being these:

To register the USER:

  1. Name;

  2. Surname;

  3. Email;

  4. Password.

To register the infant:

  1. Name;

  2. Surname;

  3. CPF;

  4. Date of birth;

  5. Sex;

  6. Blood type.

Single paragraph. According to the functions currently provided by PIMPOS, there are other data that may be informed by USERS, but which are not mandatory. However, during the improvement of the application and with the appearance of new features, some information not previously mentioned will become mandatory for the USER. PIMPOS emphasizes that the security of such information will happen in the same way.


Clause 7: The USER, to use the functions of the PIMPOS platform, must have legal capacity for civil acts, necessarily, at least 18 years old and provide the information required in the REGISTRATION, assuming full responsibility (including civil and criminal) for the accuracy and veracity of the information provided in the CADASTRO, which can be verified at any time by PIMPOS.

Single paragraph. PIMPOS is not responsible for registrations made by children under 18 years old. By agreeing to this document, the USER expressly affirms to comply with the requirement of Clause 7. Since, when registering and using the platform, the USER expressly guarantees that he is fully capable, under the terms of the current legislation, to exercise and enjoy all the Services provided.


Clause 8: PIMPOS may at any time ratify the information provided by the USER in the registration, reserving in its sole discretion, the right to block or restrict the USER's use of the services provided by the platform, in case it suspects any irregularity in the registration or in using the system. Also, PIMPOS will act in such a way, in case the USER fails to comply with any obligation provided for in this TERM.


Clause 9: After the REGISTRATION has been successfully completed, the USER will have access to the services through a login and password, data which he undertakes not to disclose to third parties, being under his exclusive responsibility any service request that is made with the use of login and password of your ownership.

§ 1: The registration on the PIMPOS platform is personal and protected by a password created by the USER. It is your responsibility to create a secure password, with a minimum of six characters, and keep it confidential in order to prevent any unauthorized access to your personal information.

§ 2: The USER will also be responsible for all activities carried out using his password. If your password is misused or your security is breached, the USER must inform PIMPOS of this fact immediately.

§ 3: The password is a guarantee of access to interaction on the PIMPOS platform and account protection, the USER being solely responsible for keeping it confidential and secure.

§ 4: For cases of forgetting the password, there will be no limit on incorrect attempts. In cases where there is an error, the USER will be informed if the “user” or “password” is invalid.

§ 5: In cases of total forgetting the password, the USER may request a new password via e-mail (previously registered). Due to encryption, the old password will not be recovered in these cases.


Clause 10: The information provided in the USER registration is stored in a secure database and used in accordance with these Terms of Use and the respective PIMPOS Privacy Policy. This is why PIMPOS seeks to implement strict security procedures to protect such information and, thus, minimize any risks arising from invasions from third parties.

Single paragraph. However, PIMPOS is not responsible for any damages caused as a result of the unauthorized use of USER data, especially with regard to the repair of losses arising from the seizure and co-option of data by third parties, in cases of breach of the security system.


Clause 11: PIMPOS automatically collects and stores some information about the activity of registered USERS and visitors to its website / application. Such information may include references to the USER's behavior on the site / application, such as the screens visited, the time spent on each one, the buttons that were clicked and the searches performed, versions of the operating systems and software, using the device's geolocation, among others. If the USER is interested in being informed with greater specificity, PIMPOS institutes its communication channel presented in this document for clarification.



Clause 12: The USER'S REGISTRATION has been successfully completed, the user is obliged not to disclose login and password to third parties, nor to allow the use of such information by third parties, being responsible for the consequences of the use of his login and password.


Clause 13: It is the USER's obligation to provide registration information that is completely true and accurate, being exclusively and fully responsible (in all legal fields) for all the content informed by him in the REGISTRATION item, keeping it always updated for the maximum effectiveness of the platform in regarding children's health performance.


Clause 14: The USER shall act in accordance with morals and good customs, using the PIMPOS content in good faith and in a manner that respects the legal precepts of the Brazilian legal system.


Clause 15: Guarantee the full functioning of the services made available and offered by the PIMPOS platform application / website, which are: the data record of the guardians (father and mother), the data record of the children (data of personal information and health data ), vaccine registration (vaccine calendar data updated according to the Ministry of Health and vaccine application data) and push notifications (vaccine alerts to be taken, campaigns and advertisements from health partners).


Clause 16: Protect, by means of storage on servers or any other high security magnetic means, the confidentiality of all information and records related to USERS. However, PIMPOS will not be responsible for repairing losses that may be derived from the seizure and co-option of data by third parties who, breaking the security systems, are able to access this information.


Clause 17: PIMPOS will not be responsible for any temporary technical problem, unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, or other cases beyond its control that may fall on the functioning of the PIMPOS content.

§ 1: PIMPOS is not responsible for connection problems and adversities to purchase the application.

§ 2: PIMPOS is not responsible for any forgotten password.


Clause 18: PIMPOS allows third parties (partners or customers) to communicate with the platform's USERS, in order to disseminate public health benefits and information. The content is curated by the platform before being released to USERS.

Sole paragraph: There is no link between the PIMPOS platform and website with third parties for advertising purposes.


Clause 19: The use of the content provided by PIMPOS in disagreement with what is contained in this contract, such as including false information and using it to guarantee benefits with healthcare companies, will result in the deactivation of the USER's account, prohibiting his access to any content. Your data will be preserved for use by the competent authorities, in accordance with current legislation.



Clause 20: This Term of Use applies to the website and services offered through PIMPOS, represented by FÁBIO ANDRÉ ESTEVES MENDES, headquartered at Av. Gov. José Malcher, 153, Elphant Coworking, 66035-065, Nazaré, Cidade de Belém, State of Pará. In case of doubt about the present Term of Use, the contact for clarification is through this electronic mail: , as well as by chat on the website ( ) and the platform's social media (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube).


Clause 21: In the event that some terms of this agreement are considered invalid for any reason, this will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.


Clause 22: This TERM may, at any time, have its content, or part of it, modified for adjustments and insertions, all with a view to improving the services provided.

Single paragraph. Obligations acquired under these terms will persist even after the withdrawal of said term from this contract.


Clause 23: In the event of any material change, PIMPOS must inform USERS via email, together with the updated Terms and Conditions of Use, and it is possible for the USER to express opposition to any of the modified terms, provided he does so in writing through e-mail: . PIMPOS will analyze each case according to its evaluation criteria.


Clause 24: The USER who remains without a history of using the application for more than 6 months will be classified as inactive. When inactive the USER stops receiving notifications from PIMPOS.

Clause 25: In case of cancellation by the USER, the data will be permanently deleted from the PIMPOS database. The USER may return to the platform later, and must enter the necessary information again.

Clause 26: All the provisions of this Agreement, which provide for the observance of obligations or responsibilities after the termination or termination of this Agreement, will survive its termination or termination and will continue in full force and effect, especially with regard to intellectual property.

Clause 27: Both parties expressly acknowledge that the only legal link between them results from this Term.

Clause 28: This Contract is strictly civil in nature, with no employment relationship between the USER and PIMPOS employees, officers or representatives and vice versa, incurring the exclusive responsibility of all those responsible, including all personnel expenses, including the respective salaries, labor, social security charges and any other portions of any nature possibly related to the said bond.


Clause 29: The terms contained in this agreement are subject to the laws of the Brazilian legal system.

Clause 30: The São Paulo District Court - SP is exclusively elected to settle the resolution of any conflicts between the parties in the interpretation and execution of this Term of Use.


Clause 31: After reading the conditions presented in the document, the USER expressly acknowledges that he has read and understood the rights, obligations and conditions of the same, and that by clicking on the button below, he agrees with the terms established here.

Updated on 2020-11-11